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Historical Roleplays
The Hills Have Eyes
The story of a large family of copper miners in the New Mexico desert who were disfigured by radiation from the 1950 atomic test bombings.
Berlin, Deutschland, in the loving grip of Adolf Hitler during the Second World War.
Russia, starving and dying under Stalin in the Second World War.
The Shops
The buildings with expensive things. Only the luckiest of us can actually afford any of the wares they sell. The sneaky ones can pinch what they want whilst others just sit whistfully in the background. Gotta be careful of the Police Wardens!
London Bridge
The most romantic area in the city. Lit by gas lamps which spill light over the river Themes. Rent boys can often find work here- or a night in the cells!
Wouldn't want to drink that water- it's a dingy yellow colour and smells something foul! But... it smells less than you do and is somewhere we all go to wash- and drink if we're really that desperate. Careful not to get cholera!
Alcatraz and Sing Sing
Two notorious prisons set in 1960s onwards, housing the most criminally dangerous and notorious names known to history.
Oscar Wilde's favourite hotel in France, and one of the largest. He died here in 1900, and the room is said to be haunted with the spirit of the well-meaning Wilde.
The Church of the Good Sheppard
The church and graveyard. They're supposed to give out wine and bread on Sunday mornings. On Christmas day you get food parsals too! But... if you smell they're not too keen on you. Gotta look good and respectable in the Eyes of God I guess.
Fantasy Roleplays
The Mainland
The wonderful world of Caralathians, Etalians, Shar'taal, Drow, and the various creatures that strive to annoy them.
Invader Zim
Adventures in space with a cranky alien and a determined teenager.
Home of the shattered Hordes of Tachanarm, the Elves, and Morrow's Humans.
A massive disaster has struck the land, and rendered it fallow. The sea remains a plentiful bounty of food, and humble fishermens' families have grown to become the most powerful in the world. They control food, oil, and whalebone, which have become cornerstones in a world without land mammals. They have amassed large cities on the coasts, the only refuge for the shattered human populations.
An apocalyptic world where everyone has gone underground in search of a new beginning. Home to the terrifying polypores, stubborn humans, wise arachs, and gigantic wurms
The Ark
The elders tell stories of a time when the world wasn't so small. Stories are good, but the real world is hard, and running out of time.
A land of sparkling beauty, rife with magic and endless potential. In this land one finds a road that carries them to adventure and beyond.
The largest city on the eastern coast of Dystopia, run by the powerful Smith family. Once poor whalers, they now command a small army of soldiers who keep a tight control on the economy of the city. There is no middle class in Rostrum, only a stark wall of discarded whalebone distinguishing the slums from the ivory paved roads of the upper class.
The Cornucopia
A small town on the western coast whose main export is whale oil. Greasy skin lanterns belch clouds of black smoke into the sky, the air is thick with it, and the inhabitants suffer from respiratory problems from their poor choice of lighting. However, the lanterns allow them to process oil gathered from the heads of whales day and night....and for the treasure hunter brave enough to leap into the carcasses, ambergris can be found.
The jewel of the western ocean. A city steeped in riches....and scent. The main export of this large city is perfumes. Tailored by men trained from a young age to have sensitive noses, these custom scents allow lords and ladies to shy from the fish smell that overwhelms most towns and lordships. The perfumiers here can get any scent you like; at a steep cost. Tailors also reside here, creatively making fabric processed from dried sea flora fibers.
The Fallow
Scarred, dusty land, featureless except for the burned out husks remaining from the war that destroyed the three continents. Metal can be found here for those willing to brave radioactive dust, a lack of water, and no food to speak of.
Art and Information
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Victorian Era

1950 Atomic Era

The Mainland


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The Ark

Invader Zim

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