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Leith swayed back as the man screamed invective. Not that he was physically effected, he was in the third row, but the sheer audacity had swayed him.

Such a simple aim, but something that hadn't occured before: Kill god.

He'd been born and raised in the simple small worlds of the Pics, each tribe fighting for hunting rights on their own small patch of ground, a tapestry of shifting allegiencies all built around trying to stay the same.

But this man. This amazing, terrifying man. He'd turned their world upside down with nothing more than a few words. The warriors of his tribe could kill the man in seconds, he was no fighter, but no-one could even think of confronting him.

True, most of the tribe were ignoring what he screamed, but Leith saw a few others like him, listening. Saw, for the first time in his life, that a few people from each tribe were more powerful than any single tribe.

And not just that, but the madman claimed to have spoken before the Dox, the Tel, and tribes Leith hadn't even heard of, more people than he had thought existed. Even if a few of them listened.

Kill God.

He knew it was absurd, that it was like thinking of killing the world, but at the same time, the lunatic was... He didn't have a word for it. Like a powerful constrictor snake crossed with a toothfish, but inside his head.

As the crowd parted, he didn't even decide to follow the man, was just aware that it had already happened. Was he actually small, or was it just that Leith wanted to wrap himself around the man, throw himself in the way of any danger to protect the mad beautiful lunatic?

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