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When all there is is darkness, sight means nothing at all. The peoples of the Rind are an uncanny lot whose sense of touch is so much more powerful than many of their other abilties. It is almost as if the skin is so much more a living thing than they themselves are. Their eyesight is generally poor which is no great loss when their faces are so destorted. Long chins and sunken eyes they have human equivelent appearances of bugs or ghosts. Something hollow about them, something not altogether there.
They are not a bad people so to speak but they are traders and profitiers. With a silk worm factory they are one of the only civilisations to be able to produce cloth and with more workers working the cloth into clothing they supply the subterranian world with clothes. The Rind have not yet the resources to dye the cloth and it is up to the other nations to source their own dyes, but the bare bones of civilisation remain. With cloth comes warmth, blankets, cloaks. Simple peasant garb or the rich fine silk of the royal families.

The leader of the Rind is a popular family, wide spread and still breeding. There are many sons and many daughters, the oldest of the gathering is a wisened male, sire and patriarch. He carved a lot of the caves in which they now live and harvested the silk worms which began the profits of the cloth creation. As time wore on more and more of his dynesty has fallen to the inventions and deeds of his children who have since had families of their own and sculpted more of the kingdom of the Rind.

Fear of being attacked and taken over has dominated much of the early stages of the Rind's development and all peoples (who are not in the service of reeping the silk or tilling the fabric looms) are trained skillfully in military tactics and keep the defences of the Rind upright. To keep those in service in and those of a hostile nature out. Weaponry is not their strongest point however the profits from the cloth has afforded them trade with other nations' greater inventions such as weapons and farming tools. The Rind are peaceful but guarded, they do not wish to step on other peoples' turf and thankfully for this time at least their birth rate is contained that they do not need to expand into the unknown.
Fortunately, also, the wurms have not disrupted their homeland so far. It could be that the rind is protected by firm rock that the wurms do not care for, or another matter entirely. Either way, the rind has yet to experience any physical disturbance from the earth.

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